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Is Infrared Sauna Safe?

There are so many different types of saunas on the market, but they all share the common goal of delivering physical and mental benefits to improve your life. They’re one of the best investments you can make, with infrared sauna technology in particular growing in popularity.

These are more affordable and efficient, making them a great budget-friendly way to reap all the benefits of heat therapy. But, there are many misconceptions about this technology as well.

Is infrared sauna safe? Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about when you buy a high-quality sauna and follow the proper guidelines for usage. Contrary to what some assume, there isn’t a “radiation” risk, and the concerns surrounding overheating can be mitigated with proper judgment. 

We’ll offer more tips on staying safe with this type of sauna below before showing you why Nordica Sauna is the #1 place to buy infrared sauna online.

Overview of Infrared Sauna Technology

These saunas use infrared heaters to emit light that is absorbed by the skin to create heat. Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air around you, infrared saunas heat your body directly for a more intense sweat at lower temperatures. 

There are three types of infrared light used in these saunas that you need to know about:

  • Near-Infrared: Penetrates the top layer of the skin to promote cellular regeneration and skin health.
  • Mid-Infrared: Penetrates deeper to aid in muscle relaxation and improved circulation.
  • Far-Infrared: Penetrates the deepest, reaching the core of the body to support detoxification and relief from discomforts.

The combination of these different wavelengths ensures a comprehensive and effective sauna experience. This leads to an array of benefits that justify an investment in an at-home sauna, including:

  • Detoxification: The deep penetration of far-infrared light increases core body temperature, inducing a sweat that eliminates toxins and heavy metals from the body.
  • Pain Relief: Infrared heat relaxes muscles and joints, reducing discomfort. This makes it beneficial for individuals with arthritis, chronic pain, or those recovering from injuries.
  • Improved Circulation: The heat from infrared saunas causes blood vessels to dilate, enhancing blood flow and oxygen delivery throughout the body. This supports cardiovascular health and aids in muscle recovery.
  • Skin Health: These saunas improve skin tone and texture by increasing circulation and promoting collagen production. Regular use leads to clearer, healthier skin.
  • Stress Reduction: The soothing heat of an infrared sauna helps calm the body and mind, reducing stress and leaving you in a state of complete bliss and tranquility. This can lead to improved sleep quality and better mental health overall.
  • Weight Loss: Increased core temperature from this type of sauna can boost metabolic rate, leading to higher calorie burn and potential weight loss over time.

There’s clearly a lot to love about this type of sauna, which is why it’s become more and more popular in recent years. But, is infrared sauna safe?

Is Infrared Sauna Safe? Common Concerns and Misconceptions

As we said from the start, yes - infrared saunas are safe for most people. However, there are a few groups that may want to avoid the use of this type of sauna, or sauna technology in general. Let’s discuss this and some of the common concerns and misconceptions below to leave you with a clear understanding of the safety profile for IR saunas.

Is Radiation Exposure a Risk?

Infrared saunas use infrared light, which is a type of electromagnetic radiation. However, this type of radiation is safe and non-ionizing, meaning it does not damage DNA or cause cancer. 

Infrared radiation is the same type of heat emitted by the sun, but without the harmful ultraviolet rays known for causing skin cancer. It penetrates the skin to provide therapeutic heat without the risks associated with other forms of radiation. 

What About Overheating?

While there is always some level of risk of overheating when using a sauna, this concern is lower with IR technology. 

Infrared saunas operate at lower temperatures (typically between 120°F and 150°F) compared to traditional saunas, which can reach temperatures of 180°F or higher. This reduces the risk of overheating while still providing the benefits of deep, penetrating heat. 

Start with shorter sessions to stay safe, gradually increasing the duration as your body adapts. Always listen to your body and exit the sauna if you start to feel dizzy, lightheaded, or excessively hot. We’ll offer more tips on safe usage in a moment.

Who Should Avoid Infrared Saunas?

While infrared saunas are generally safe for most people, there are specific groups who should exercise caution or avoid them altogether. 

Pregnant women, individuals with cardiovascular conditions, and those with severe health issues should consult their healthcare provider before using an infrared sauna. 

People with certain medical implants, such as pacemakers, should also avoid infrared saunas unless advised otherwise by their doctor, as the heat and electromagnetic fields could interfere with the device's function.

Tips on Staying Safe in an Infrared Sauna

Even though an infrared sauna is generally considered safe, there are still a few precautions you should take to protect yourself while maximizing the health benefits these have to offer.

Hydration and Diet

Since the sauna promotes intense sweating, it’s important to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your session to prevent dehydration. Aim for at least 16 ounces of water prior to entering the sauna. Better yet, consume electrolytes alongside your water rather than plain water alone.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine before your session, as these can dehydrate you further. Eat light, easily digestible meals rather than heavy or rich foods to prevent any digestive discomfort during your session.

Duration and Temperature Settings

We suggest beginners start with shorter sessions of about 10-15 minutes at lower temperatures (around 120°F). 

Gradually increase the duration by 5-minute increments as you become more accustomed to the heat, with a maximum session length of 30-45 minutes. 

The temperature can also be adjusted as your tolerance improves, but it’s generally recommended to keep the sauna below 150°F. 

Always listen to your body and exit the sauna if you begin to feel dizzy, lightheaded, or overly hot.

Frequency Guidelines

Less is more with sauna frequency. While it’s tempting to use your sauna twice a day for its relaxing properties, you need to give your body a chance to recover to actually reap the benefits this technology has to offer.

So, start with 2-3 sessions per week to allow your body to adapt to the heat. As you become more experienced and comfortable, you can gradually increase the frequency to 4-5 times per week. 

While daily use is possible for those who are well-acclimated, you need to monitor how your body responds and avoid overuse, which can cause dehydration or heat exhaustion.

Post-Sauna Care

It’s important to cool down gradually and rehydrate after your sauna session. Step out of the sauna slowly to avoid dizziness or a sudden drop in blood pressure. Take a few minutes to sit and relax in a cooler environment before resuming your regular activities. 

Drink plenty of water to replenish lost fluids, and consider adding electrolytes if you’ve had a particularly intense session. A light snack can also help restore energy levels. 

Showering with lukewarm water can help rinse off sweat and close your pores, but avoid very cold water immediately after the sauna to prevent shocking your system.

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Parting Thoughts on Infrared Sauna Safety

In closing, are infrared saunas safe? Absolutely. In fact, these can actually be considered the safest way to reap the benefits of sauna therapy since they operate at lower temperatures.

We hope to have provided you with clarity on common misconceptions and concerns like radiation exposure and overheating. Staying hydrated, moderating session duration, and following safety guidelines ensure a positive experience.

Whether you want a corner infrared sauna or low EMF infrared sauna, an Almost Heaven infrared sauna, or even a traditional or barrel sauna, we have the top models from the most trusted brands in the industry. So, shop today or get a personalized recommendation to elevate your health and happiness at Nordica Sauna!

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