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Navidium Shipping Protection

To provide more safety, assurance, and insurance for our customers, Nordica is proud to offer Navidium Shipping Protection. Filing a claim with postal carriers is often a tedious and very time-consuming process where you’ll often wait weeks or months for claims to be processed.

For just 2.5% of your order value (up to a maximum charge of $74.25), you can protect your package and we will send you a replacement if your package is lost or damaged. If a replacement is not available, we will issue you a credit. 

What's considered a lost package?

  • Shipments that state 'delivered' by the carrier but were delivered to the incorrect address.
  • Shipments where tracking shows 'in transit' and without any new updates/movement for an extended time.
  • Shipments that have been determined lost by the carrier.

What's considered a damaged package?

  • Items that were damaged in transit.
  • If some of your order is missing due to the box/package opening during transit.

What's not covered by Navidium Shipping Protection?

  • Packages that are delayed in transit. When our customer service team is aware of delays due to weather or carrier logistics problems, we reserve the right to classify these packages as ‘delayed’ rather than lost. 
  • Order marked as unfulfilled or unshipped. This may be due to a pre-order or delay in shipping during high-volume periods (ex. Holidays).
  • Missing packages or packages returned to sender due to the incorrect or insufficient address information provided at checkout when the order was placed. 
  • If you requested items to be left outside your property and they go missing - this waives the right to any claim as per carrier terms and conditions
  • Packages that have been stolen after delivery.
  • Packages that have already been replaced or refunded under Navidium Shipping Protection. If a package is replaced and there are further shipping issues, please contact the shipping carrier directly.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the product, Navidium is not a product replacement plan. Please request a return/exchange following ourreturn policy.

How do I submit a claim for Navidium Shipping Protection?

If you have paid for Navidium Shipping Protection, please contact us within 48 hours after the delivery date. A member of our customer service team will assist you within 1-2 business days.

What to include in your claim email:

  • Subject line: "Shipping Protection Claim for order <insert order number>". 
  • Your order number can be found on your order confirmation email.
  • Description of issue.
  • Photo evidence of damage if applicable.
  • Any other useful information that supports your claim.

We will continue to track your package. Should it appear, we will ask that the package be shipped back to us at our expense.

What happens after your Navidium claim has been submitted?

  • We will begin an investigation on the lost or damaged package.
  • After your claim has been submitted, please allow us 7 business days to work on your claim.
  • If the shipping claim is denied, there is nothing further that can be done.
  • Once your claim has been approved, we will send you a replacement if available, or issue you a refund back to the method of payment on file.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Navidium Shipping Protection is optional, but by opting out of shipping protection, we will not be liable for lost packages, including packages that are confirmed delivered by the carrier but not received.
  • Packages will not be reshipped, nor refunds given if packages are lost or damaged during transit, and no insurance was purchased.
  • We reserve the right to classify your package as delayed if there are known delays in your area.
  • We reserve the right to deny claims due to insurance fraud, or abuse.
  • Shipping protection is non-refundable.
  • Shipping protection can not be canceled after an order has shipped.
  • Products that have multiple pieces packaged together will be replaced/refunded on a case-by-case basis (i.e. sauna, heater, accessories, etc.).