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How Much Does a Sauna Cost?

Investing in your own home sauna can transform your lifestyle. There are tangible physical and mental benefits to regular sauna use. If you currently use a sauna on a regular basis, it saves you money in the long run while making your sessions more relaxing and convenient. 

But how much does a sauna cost? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. There are so many different types of sauna technologies and material variances to consider. Size plays a role too, as does the decision to build or buy your sauna.

We’ll cover all this and more below to help you set your expectations for the cost of a sauna. But in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand dollars for a small, simple sauna to tens of thousands of dollars for custom builds with the latest and greatest features.

While sauna prices can cause quite the sticker shock, remember that this is an investment in your health and happiness. We’ll help you budget effectively and show you how to get the best value from this purchase.

If you’re ready to start weighing your options, look no further than Nordica Sauna. We’ve curated all the different styles from the top brands in the industry whether you’re looking for an indoor sauna or outdoor sauna. We guarantee to have the lowest prices online

Factors Influencing the Cost of a Sauna

To help you get a better understanding of the cost of a sauna, let’s look at all the different moving pieces influencing that final price tag.

Sauna Type

A traditional sauna uses an electric or wood-burning heater and will generally cost more than an infrared sauna, which uses an infrared heater to emit radiant heat. 

These infrared styles are more affordable not just in upfront costs but also in long-term usage. However, they may not get as hot as quickly as a traditional sauna, and some are hesitant about using infrared technology from a health perspective. Learn more aboutthe differences between an infrared vs traditional sauna in our blog.

Meanwhile, a barrel sauna is a unique style common in outdoor settings. As the name suggests, these are cylindrical in shape which provides efficient heat circulation and a distinctive aesthetic. These can be more affordable given their efficient use of materials and easy assembly.

In comparing indoor vs outdoor saunas, indoor models tend to be more affordable as they don’t have to be crafted to withstand harsh outdoor elements. That being said, they do require proper ventilation which can add costs.

With all this variation, our advice for those wondering about sauna prices is to start by figuring out the specific style you want. From there, you can weigh your options.

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Size Matters

As you can imagine, larger saunas cost more than their smaller counterparts given the cost of extra materials, labor, and shipping charges. Here are some of the most common sizes we have at Nordica Sauna:

It’s easy to think to yourself, “I’ll just go with the smallest option to save money!”. That might work just fine in some cases. 

However, if you prefer to sauna with family or want to share the experience with friends, you’ll find a smaller sauna uncomfortable. Think carefully about how you intend to use the sauna when considering sizes.


A luxury sauna made from premium materials will cost more than a budget-friendly alternative. These high-end models are carefully constructed from materials like cedar or hemlock for their durability, resistance to warping, and pleasant aroma, but they come at a higher price. 

Other woods like spruce or pine may be more budget-friendly but might not offer the same longevity or aesthetic appeal. Just remember when shopping that you ultimately get what you pay for.

While it’s more of a piece of equipment than a “material”, the type of heater plays a role here too. Whether it’s electric, wood-burning, or infrared can affect the overall cost, with each type having different price points and maintenance requirements.

Building vs Buying

Pre-built saunas or sauna kits are generally more affordable and convenient, offering a range of options that can be assembled with basic tools. 

You can even pay someone to install it on your behalf, but this will add to the final price tag. It’s worth noting that a pre-built kit will have shipping costs associated with the purchase, too.

Custom-built saunas, while more expensive, provide the flexibility to tailor every aspect to your specific needs and space constraints. Custom builds often involve higher labor costs and longer project timelines but you get a personalized and unique sauna experience.

Special Features

You’d be surprised just how advanced saunas are these days. You can choose from an array of special features like advanced control panels, chromotherapy lighting, sound systems, and custom benches, and more. 

You can even incorporate elements like glass doors, improved insulation, and ergonomic design. All of these features elevate the sauna experience, and with it, the price tag.

How Much Does a Sauna Cost?

sauna prices

As you can see there are a lot of contributing factors to the final sauna price tag. So, how much does a sauna cost? We’ll look at the cost to buy a sauna and the cost to build a sauna below, offering modest estimates you can use as a general guideline. 

Just remember, the best way to know for sure how much you can expect to pay is to start browsing our options here at Nordica Sauna or to reach out for a personalized recommendation. 

How Much Does a Home Sauna Cost to Buy?

So, how much does a home sauna cost to buy?

  • Infrared Saunas: Ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. They are energy-efficient and easier to install, making them a popular choice for home use.
  • Traditional Steam Saunas: Between $2,500 and $10,000 depending on the size, material, and type of heater (electric or wood-burning). These often require more maintenance and have higher installation costs.
  • Barrel Saunas: Range from $3,000 to $8,000. Their unique shape offers efficient heat distribution, and they are often easier to assemble, which can save on labor costs.
  • Portable Saunas: These compact, easy-to-move units cost between $200 and $1,500. While they offer a convenient option for small spaces, they generally lack the durability and features of permanent saunas.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Sauna?

If you decide you want to try and save money by finding design plans, sourcing materials/equipment, and bringing them all to life, good on you! Just be aware that this is a complex project and is something we rarely suggest unless you have a background in carpentry and electrical work. That being said, how much does it cost to build a sauna?

  • Materials: Cedar or hemlock can cost between $2,000 and $7,000 depending on your location and the size of the sauna. Other materials like insulation, vapor barriers, and heaters add to the overall cost. Infrared heaters range from $500 to $2,000, while electric or wood-burning heaters can cost $800 to $3,000.
  • Labor: Hiring professionals for the construction can significantly increase the cost. Labor fees range from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the complexity and location of the project. Going DIY can cut these costs but be prepared for the time and effort required.
  • Special Features: Custom lighting, sound systems, and ergonomic seating can add another $1,000 to $3,000. 

All in all, it’s not uncommon to spend just as much on a custom-built sauna or more than if you had purchased a professionally designed kit. 

Are Saunas Expensive to Run?

While you probably came here to learn about the initial sauna price tag, ongoing costs should be considered as well. These include:

  • Electricity Costs: Infrared saunas are more energy-efficient, costing about $10 to $20 per month for regular use. Traditional steam saunas consume more electricity, with monthly costs ranging from $20 to $40.
  • Maintenance: This includes cleaning, checking electrical components, and replacing worn parts. Annual maintenance costs can range from $100 to $300.
  • Repairs: Over time, you may need to replace heaters, control panels, or wood panels. Repair costs vary widely based on the issue, typically ranging from $200 to $1,000.

Why Investing in a Home Sauna is Worth Every Penny

We know that the cost of a sauna can be shocking at first, and it may deter you from exploring this investment any further. But hear us out - this is one of the best investments you can make in your home and health.Here’s why…

Health and Wellness Benefits

Regular sauna use can improve cardiovascular health by increasing heart rate and blood circulation, similar to moderate exercise. Heat exposure helps to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and improve overall heart health.

Saunas are also great for detoxing. Sweating induced by the high temperatures helps flush out toxins and impurities from the body, enhancing the immune system and overall well-being. 

This is also a great aid in muscle recovery and pain relief. The heat relaxes muscles, alleviates joint pain, and supports a healthy inflammatory response for athletes and individuals with chronic pain conditions.

Moreover, the heat and quiet environment of a sauna promote relaxation and stress reduction. Regular sauna sessions can help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and enhance sleep quality, contributing to better mental health and emotional balance.

Long-Term Financial Savings

Frequent sauna visits at spas or health clubs can be costly over time. Having a home sauna eliminates these recurring expenses, providing unlimited access without the ongoing costs. Perhaps more importantly, it saves you wasted time and adds a layer of convenience to your life.

As saunas become more popular and sought after, having one can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, leading to a higher resale value. This can offset the initial investment.

Moreover, the health benefits of regular sauna use can lead to savings on medical bills. This natural approach to wellness may decrease the need for costly medical treatments down the line.

Tips on Getting a Quality Sauna at an Affordable Price

Don’t let the cost of a sauna deter you from elevating your health, happiness, and property value. We have some tips on getting a more affordable sauna price below.

Comparing Brands

There are so many different sauna manufacturers you can choose from, some of which position themselves as a premium brand and some that take a more affordable pricing strategy.

Take your time to research reputable brands that have a track record of producing durable saunas at a fair price. We carry all the top manufacturers, like Almost Heaven sauna, Sunray sauna, Auroom sauna, and more, each of which offers excellent value for the money.

Seasonal Sales and Discounts

Many retailers offer significant discounts during major holidays such as Black Friday, Memorial Day, and end-of-year sales. Signing up for newsletters from sauna companies can also alert you to special promotions and exclusive deals. 

Essential vs Optional Features

Essential features include a reliable heating system, proper insulation, and durable wood construction. 

Optional features, such as advanced lighting systems, sound systems, and custom seating, can add to the overall cost. 

Focus on the core elements that ensure a good sauna experience and consider adding luxury features later if your budget allows.

Consider Used or Refurbished Saunas

Many high-quality saunas are available in the second-hand market at a fraction of the original price. Ensure that the sauna has been well-maintained and check for any signs of wear or damage. 

Refurbished saunas have been reconditioned by the manufacturer, essentially providing the benefits of a new sauna at a lower cost. Just be sure your unit is backed by a warranty.


The best way to justify the cost of a sauna is to finance it, spreading the expense over the course of a few years rather than all at once. Compare interest rates and terms from different retailers to find the most favorable financing option that fits your budget.


Better yet, see if you can use funds from your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for the purchase of a sauna. You may be eligible, and we can help you navigate this at Nordica Sauna. 

Using these pre-tax accounts can reduce the overall cost by allowing you to use tax-free dollars for your purchase. Ensure you have a letter of medical necessity from your doctor to support the claim if required.

Your New Sauna is Just a Few Clicks Away at Nordic Sauna!

At Nordic Sauna, we offer a wide range of high-quality saunas sure to meet your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for the charm of a traditional sauna, the efficiency of an infrared model, or the rustic appeal of a barrel sauna, we have something for every budget. 

All the manufacturers we source our products from have a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality products at a fair price. They’re backed by warranties to protect your purchase, too, along with satisfaction guarantees.

So, how much does a sauna cost at Nordica Sauna? We have models start at under $2k, and more advanced saunas that cost tens of thousands. It all depends on what you’re looking for in your model.

That’s why the best next step is to start shopping and get a better idea of what you can expect to pay. You can browse our catalog and see what catches your eye. 

Better yet, get in touch with our world-class customer service team for a personalized recommendation. We can also discuss HSA/FSA eligibility. OR - take the first step below with our sauna recommendation quiz!

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Final Thoughts on Sauna Prices

So, how much does a home sauna cost? We hope this conversation on the cost of a sauna has left you with a clear understanding of all the driving factors for sauna prices, including type, size, materials, and special features.

Whether you choose a prefabricated model or a custom-built option, there are affordable solutions to fit various budgets. You can justify this investment knowing it's going to pay dividends in your health and wellbeing for years to come.

Ready to find your perfect sauna at a price that fits your budget? The only thing left to do now is get in touch with our experts or take our quiz below to eliminate the stress and uncertainty of picking your sauna!

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