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Thermory Saunas

Thermory Sauna Collection

Create your perfect wellness and relaxation space with Thermory’s barrel saunas. Thermory is the world’s largest manufacturer of thermally modified wood and sauna materials.  Their broad range of wood species, profiles, and dimensions creates a wellness space that combines convenience and practicality with striking visual features.  With bench sets, floor grids, and heater guards as well as doors and other accessories, all you need to do is select your favorite items to put the finishing touches on your sauna.

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All Thermory saunas start with 100% natural wood that’s harvested and produced responsibly, guided by the highest standards for quality and sustainability. All the wood species they select are ideally suited to withstand the rigors of regular sauna use. That means every time you step into a Thermory sauna, all you notice is unequaled beauty and comfort.

Why Choose a Thermory Barrel Sauna?

Thermory Saunas are the only thermally modified barrel saunas in North America. So you get the beauty of real wood, naturally enhanced with only heat and steam for unequaled durability and stability. And it never shrinks—even in changing weather conditions. It’s the most ideally suited wood for your sauna experience.

1. Thermory: The Right Barrel Sauna Wood

We look no further than the birthplace of sauna culture for beautiful Nordic softwood to craft your Thermory Barrel Sauna. Unlike cedar, which can become rough and unattractive over time, Thermory Nordic spruce’s proven rot resistance and ability to withstand the elements create the perfect marriage between outstanding design and structural integrity.

2. Thermory: The Right Way

Our Nordic spruce is harvested exclusively in Scandinavia, a region celebrated for its responsible forestry practices. And wood is the only naturally renewable building material that doesn’t generate hazardous waste. So when you choose a Thermory Barrel Sauna you’re investing in the health of our planet. That’s why their mission is to “leave a lasting impact.”

3. Thermory: Functional Design

Thermory Barrel Saunas are larger than standard barrel saunas. With a diameter of more than seven feet, the spacious interior offers a greater height for standing and deeper benches for laying down. Plus, thermal modification ensures the wood is never too hot to stand or sit on.

Thermory Barrel Sauna Extra Wide Design

Heater Friendly: The sauna’s curved interior ensures even heat distribution, so nobody fights for the “good seat.”

Thermory Barrel Sauna - Heater

Extra Wide Window: No matter what’s outside—rain, snow, jealous neighbors—enjoy the view through your barrel sauna’s dramatic, half-moon-shaped window.

Thermory Barrel Sauna Extra Wide Window

4. Thermory: All Weather Protection

Your Thermory Barrel Sauna’s thermally modified wood is built to withstand the elements for up to 25 years. But if you want to baby this beauty, the rain jacket is included for coverage in wet weather.

Barrel Sauna color transformation

The color of Thermory Nordic spruce transforms into a distinguished silver when exposed to sunlight and rain. But if you’re not ready to go gray, simply treat the boards with a penetrating UV protective oil. 

The Thermory Sauna Solution for You

Buy a Thermory Sauna at Nordica Sauna today to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.  Reach out to one of our experts at 1-877-587-5387 or to have your sauna questions answered.  We would love to help you find the perfect Thermory or Barrel Sauna for you. 

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